Radar and lightning detection


EUCLID (EUropean Cooperation for LIghtning Detection) is a collaboration among national lightning detecting networks with the aim to identify and detect lightning all over Europe with homogenous quality in terms of detection efficiency and location accuracy.

The EUCLID mission is to interconnect national lightning detection networks and to establish a united lightning location network covering the greater part of Europe. One of the reasons for connecting national lightning detection networks in one large network, is to provide homogenous lightning data all over the territory of Europe. Another goal of EUCLID is to support research and development that leads directly to new applications of lightning data in, e.g., meteorology, hydrology, electric power utilities, communications, insurance, transport, forestry, defense and aviation.

At the moment there are many European countries included in EUCLID. The complete network consists of about 168 sensors in 31 countries all contributing to the lightning detection. There is no other project like EUCLID in the world, with so many lightning detection networks connected together, which compiles lightning information in Europe for a mutual area of interest in common ideas and results.

RMI is actively participating in the EUCLID story through the exchange of BELLS sensor data.

EUCLID coverage

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